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Fees for veterinary services

At the heart of Lort Smith is our work to support people of limited means and our low pricing policy reflects this. Our hard work is aimed at keeping people and pets together, so on top of our low pricing policy we also provide the following discounts:

  • 25% discount on all veterinary services* for health care card holders and pensioners.
  • 10% discount on all veterinary services* for seniors card holders.

* Excludes microchips, medication, food and consumable products.

Payment plans

As well as offering a low pricing policy to keep our services accessible to more people - plus additional discounts for health care card, seniors card holders, or pensioners – we also offer payment plans to customers who are experiencing genuine financial hardship.

Payment plans can cover veterinary costs such as diagnostics, treatment, in hospital stays and surgery, and are offered interest-free.

Each plan will be assessed on a customer-by-customer basis, and will include a deposit of up to 50% of the total cost of care to be repaid. Payments are required via direct debit form a bank account or credit card, or via Centrepay. Additionally, from 2 July 2018, all payment plans will include a $45 establishment charge.

If your animal requires care, and you are concerned about the cost of obtaining treatment, please contact our customer services team on 03 9328 3021 to discuss the options available to you.

Please note, no pet will be turned away from emergency treatment at Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

Consult fees

Prices are listed below and vary for day of week and length of consult. Please note, a valid Concession Card entitles a carer up to 25% off this consult fee but must be produced on the day.

Consultations Standard Health Care Card
Weekday Standard consultation $70.00 $52.50
Weekday Complex/Emergency consultation $106.00 $79.50
Weekday Standard revisit consultation $54.00 $40.50
Weekday Complex revisit consultation $82.00 $61.50
Saturday Standard consultation $89.00 $66.75
Saturday Complex/Emergency consultation $133.00 $99.75
Saturday Standard revisit consultation $68.00 $51.00
Saturday Complex revisit consultation $94.10 $70.58
Sunday Public Holiday Standard consultation $98.00 $73.50
Sunday Public Holiday Complex/Emergency consultation $148.00 $111.00
Sunday Public Holiday Standard revisit consultation $77.00 $57.75
Sunday Public Holiday Complex revisit consultation $114.00 $85.50
Night Service consultation - every day  $167.00 $125.25

Standard consultations are approximately 15 minutes. These are straight forward appointments, e.g. vaccinations, teeth checks, single problems.

Complex consultations are approximately 30 minutes. These are for more complex issues, e.g. multiple problems, elderly animals, ear problems.

Vaccination fees

Please note a valid Concession Card entitles a carer up to 25% off the below vaccination fees and must be produced on the day. A valid Seniors card entitles a carer up to 10% off these vaccination fees.

Vaccinations Standard Health Care Card
Cat F4 Weekday $84.70 $67.20
Cat F4 Saturday $103.70    $81.45
Cat F4 Sunday $112.70 $88.20
Cat F4 + FIV Weekday $110.95 $93.45
Cat F4 + FIV Saturday $129.95 $107.70
Cat F4 + FIV Sunday $138.95 $114.45
Dog C5 Weekday $98.35 $80.85
Dog C5 Saturday $117.35 $95.10
Dog C5 Sunday $126.35 $101.85
Puppy <10wks Weekday $87.85 $70.35
Puppy <10wks Saturday $106.85 $84.60
Puppy <10wks Sunday $115.85 $91.35
Rabbits (initial consult) Weekday $125.32 $97.85
Rabbits (booster - annual) Weekday $89.32 $70.85
Rabbits (initial consult) Weekend (Sat/Sun)                   $152.32 $118.10
Rabbits (booster - annual) - Saturday $108.32 $85.10
Rabbits (booster - annual) -Sunday/PHols $117.32 $91.85

Desexing fees

Please note, a valid Concession Card entitles a carer up to 25% off the desexing fees below and a valid Seniors card entitles a carer up to 10% off. The card must be produced on the day as no backdating of discounts will apply.

Carers with a pension card should also contact their local council to see if they offer a discount desexing voucher. This voucher can be brought to Lort Smith to further reduce the cost of the surgery.

Desexing (includes buster collar & pain relief) Standard Health Care Card
Castrate Cat - Routine $135.00 $101.25
Spey Cat - Routine $208.00 $156.00
Castrate Dog                                                                $280.00 $210.00
Spey Dog <10kg $300.00 $225.00
Spey Dog 10-20kg $325.00 $243.75
Spey Dog 20-30kg $354.00 $265.50
Spey Dog 30-40kg $416.00 $312.00
Spey Dog >40kg $445.00 $333.75
Spey Dog extra if - pregnant/in season $84.10 $63.08
Castrate Rabbit / Guinea Pig $270.00 $202.50
Spey Rabbit / Guinea Pig $288.00 $216.00


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