Our dispensary stocks a wide range of over-the-counter products that require no prescription and help maintain the overall health and wellbeing of your pet.

These products include flea treatments, heartworm treatments, intestinal wormers, shampoos and conditioners, animal sunscreens, fly repellents and supplements for arthritic dogs and cats. Parasite control medication is available that treats one specific type – fleas only, for example – or a combination of parasite types. Our dispensary staff can recommend the best treatment for your pet.

Medication Repeats

In accordance with the guidelines laid out by the Veterinary Practitioners’ Registration Board, we can only dispense prescription medication to animals that have been treated at Lort Smith Animal Hospital and remain under our care.

We are not able to provide carers with repeat prescription medication if we have not previously treated the pet at Lort Smith Animal Hospital, or if we are no longer managing or treating the pet for a particular condition – i.e. your local vet has taken over the management of the pet.

For animals being treated at other clinics, we can dispense the medication as long as the pet has a consultation and clinical examination at Lort Smith Animal Hospital and the local vet has provided evidence or medical records to indicate the pet has been prescribed a certain medication.

For animals that are treated at Lort Smith and require ongoing medication, regular check-ups are required before further repeats can be provided. The interval of the rechecks will vary according to the condition itself and whether it is a stable condition or a newly diagnosed one. Your vet will advise you on the frequency of the revisits.