CT Scanner

With specialist interpretation from VetCT, our CT scanner has been a great asset to diagnose lung metastasis (small lesions that would not be detected with regular radiographs), abdominal tumours, nasal lesions, liver shunts, and middle ear disease, among others.

How to book a CT scan

Lort Smith vets will arrange an appointment for regular Lort Smith clients.

Referral service

We offer a referral service to all veterinary clinics in Victoria who would benefit from the use of a CT scanner. Lort Smith provides the CT scan as an outpatient service, with results being sent directly to the referring clinic for follow-up.

  1. Referring vet to email patient history to info@lortsmith.com
  2. Lort Smith will review patient history to determine if CT scan suitable
  3. Lort Smith will contact referring vet to schedule appointment or discuss alternative course of action.


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  • 10% discount on all veterinary services* for Seniors Card holders.

* Excludes microchips, medication, food and consumable products.

We also offer payment plans to customers who are experiencing financial hardship.