Pets going overseas

If you are planning a big move overseas, of course you will want to take your pet with you. Each country has different requirements for allowing pets in. You will need to be acquainted with this well before you leave. The first step is to find a veterinarian that is familiar with import and export requirements.

Where do I find a vet?

In the past, the Australian quarantine and inspection service kept a record of vets that were accredited to provide audit and export services for animals. This accreditation is no longer required, but vets that offer export and import services still need to be very knowledgeable in regard to the requirements and documentation. The last thing you want is to be turned away upon arrival at your destination!

Most companies that fly pets overseas will be able to give you advice on where to get your veterinary certification and treatments done. Many of these companies have in-house veterinarians that are efficient and experienced in administering these treatments and managing the paperwork required.

Plan ahead. Give yourself plenty of time

It’s important to give yourself lots of time to prepare your pet for travel. Some vaccinations and treatments will be required well ahead of your departure date. These cannot be left to the last minute, if you do so you risk leaving your pet behind.

Can Lort Smith help me prepare my pet for travel?

Currently Lort Smith has no veterinarians that are experienced in this complex and specialised area of pet care. We recommend contacting the pet carrier service for their advice on in-house veterinary services.