Major giving – join our Guardian Circle

Each year contributions through the Guardian Circle will help fund specific projects or areas of need. This includes new equipment; new facilities; program development; leadership and training; animal care and wellbeing; and research and community impact projects.

Contributions may also help to provide discounts to people of limited means, ensuring their pets are still able to receive the best possible veterinary care regardless of their carer’s circumstance or provide life-saving and critical veterinary care to animals in our Adoption Centre.

In 2020, the Guardian Circle is supporting the Pets In Need (link to Community Outreach/Pets In Need) fund. Pets In Need is entirely funded by donations and covers the cost of life-saving veterinary care for qualifying clients so they can access extra support to keep their beloved pet in good health and help them remain a core member of their family. The criteria to access the fund is stringent and capped.

One hundred percent of Guardian Circle contributions in 2020 will go directly to replenishing this fund with a goal of raising $180,000.

A minimum annual tax-deductible donation of $1,000 is required to join our Guardian Circle.