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To become a Pet Therapy volunteer you will need to attend an assessment with your dog where they will be tested on the following criteria:

  • Dog walks well on a loose lead
  • Dog remains under control of the handler
  • Dog accepts rough petting on tail, face and ears
  • Dog accepts food gently from a stranger
  • Dog responds appropriately to a sudden noise
  • Dog remains under control while the handler is talking to another person
  • Dog sits on command
  • Dog is presented in a well groomed, healthy state
  • Dog readily engages with a stranger without jumping or excessively pawing
  • Dog accepts the presence of another dog
  • Dog does not continually bark
  • Dog handles a crowd well
  • Dog does not react aggressively if approached from behind
  • Carer and dog work well together
  • Carer works well with patients
  • Dog enters building in a calm manner
  • Dog calms quickly after being deliberately excited

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