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Onsite volunteering

Our recruitment campaign for January 2019 Adoption Centre Volunteers is now closed!

The onsite volunteers at Lort Smith work in our Adoption Centre and in the hospital’s laundry.  We get many applications for these roles every year.  

The Adoption Centre looks after all the animals we are looking to rehome – including cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits.  Our volunteers help staff to keep the animal enclosures clean, the animals fed and watered and most importantly, they spend time providing the animals with enrichment and socialization so they become ever more ready to find a new home.

Watch this video ‘Welcome to Lort Smith’ to find out more about our volunteer roles and how the Lort Smith Animal Hospital works. 

We are looking for volunteers who can take up a four-hour shift once a week or once a fortnight for at least 12 months (but of course if you have holidays planned that is fine!!).   

Our next recruitment campaign will be in July 2019.


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