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We couldn’t save Gus’ leg but we did save his life. You can save a life too…

Woof woof! We are Gus and Ned and we’re brothers.

We are both still puppies really – only eight-months-old. We were both surrendered to Lort Smith at different times – can you believe it! The staff here say we’re what’s called Miniature Pinschers, not sure what that means – I think maybe it means we’re really cute.

So I’m Ned and I came to Lort Smith first. I had a fracture in my right front leg – ouch! The Vets here at Lort Smith don’t quite know why my leg was fractured but they were so nice to me here and fixed my leg up. They had to put a thing called a pin in my leg to fix it. I won’t lie, it really hurt but gosh it feels better now.

I still have to do lots of work called ‘physio’ three times a day!! It’s really tiring but it will make sure my leg gets better. I’m super lucky because I have a lovely foster carer looking after me until I’m 100% better and then the people at Lort Smith said they would find me a new home.

Unfortunately my bother Gus wasn’t quite as lucky as me. He also had a fracture in his leg but after doing lots of tests and scans the Vets said it was too damaged to repair. They decided they had to do what’s called an ‘amputation’ which means they had to take Ned’s leg off. He was really sad at first but then after his surgery he learnt how to walk with just his three legs … and then the best thing happened, someone came and adopted him.

I’m still waiting to be adopted but I don’t mind. I have the best foster carer.

Veterinary costs for Ned and Gus were nearly $3,000. Please give today to help us continue to provide vital surgeries and veterinary care for animals like Ned and Gus.

Introducing Dolce!

Well hello there I’m Dolce, a nine-year-old Ragdoll cat. I have been lucky enough to be looked after by the wonderful staff and foster carers at Lort Smith since July 2016. Life was a bit difficult for me and because of some sad stuff that was happening in my last home I needed to find a new home pretty urgently. Lort Smith stepped in straight away and has been looking after me ever since!

I also need a bit of extra special care because I have something called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV which according to the Vets means I have a low immune system. FIV-positive cats can live long and happy lives. We just need to be monitored for infections because if not treated, illnesses can become life-threatening.

When I came to Lort Smith I also had a dental disease and skin disease. So the Vets set out a treatment plan for me.

The awesome people at Lort Smith set to work and fixed my teeth and my skin – I feel soooooo much better now!!

So far Lort Smith has spent a lot of money keeping me alive and healthy. I heard someone say it has cost $2,220 for all my veterinary care, food, bedding and foster care so your donation today will help animals like me who can no longer live where they were. Your donation will help save our lives and get our lives back on the healthy track we deserve.

Lort Smith does not receive any ongoing government funding and each year it costs us about $1.5 million to run our Adoption Centre.

Don’t forget any donations of $2 or more are tax deductible so make your donation before June 30 and claim it on your tax return this year.

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