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Sponsor an enclosure

Are you looking for a different way to support Lort Smith? Why not sponsor an enclosure in our Adoption Centre? Sponsorships start from $250 per year and money raised goes towards feeding, caring for, and ultimately re-homing the cats and dogs that have been surrendered to Lort Smith.

Unfortunately, many of the animals that are surrendered over to us need medical treatment before they can be adopted out.  This puts a strain on our resources as the cost of basic treatments such as worming, de-sexing, micro chipping and vaccinations are a minimum of $285 for a female dog and $222 for a male cat!  On top of these essential treatments, many of the animals will also need emergency medical care such as surgery to repair broken limbs and expensive antibiotics for ailments such as cat flu and infections.

Of course we also need to feed, groom and provide enrichment items for all of our animals so that their time with us is pleasant and so they have a better chance of being adopted out quickly.

Therefore as part of our fundraising efforts we have developed an Enclosure Sponsorship program, where individuals, Schools, groups and businesses can sponsor an enclosure for a year.  The yearly sponsorship fee goes towards helping us to care for the animals that are housed in that particular enclosure.  An enclosure can also be purchased on behalf of someone as a lovely gift or in memory of a loved one.

As part of the sponsorship you will receive a certificate of appreciation that you can proudly display in your home or business, as well as a plaque in our Adoption Centre.  The plaques let everyone know who has sponsored which enclosure and we are able to customise each plaque with your business or group name, logo, animal photo and a short message.

We are also happy to have you come into the hospital for a tour of our facilities, where you will be able to visit with the animal currently residing in your enclosure.

Sponsorship options

Enclosure Sponsorship starts from as little as $250 and are a great way for businesses to show support for a local charity. Here are the options in our kennels and cattery:

Cattery enclosure - $250 per year
Our cattery enclosures are split between the front public room where cats and kittens wait patiently to be adopted and our back room where the animals are either recovering from medical treatment or waiting until they are big enough to be desexed and put up for adoption.

Kennel enclosure - $500 per year
Our kennel enclosures house only one dog at a time and contain bedding and enrichment toys. Our kennels are large enough for each dog to move around and stretch. 

More information

If you would like to discuss enclosure sponsorship options please send us an email or call us on 03 9287 6419. 

If you would like to go ahead you can download the enclosure sponsorship form and submit with your payment to get your sponsorship started straight away!

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