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Second-hand goods

Do you have any household items lying around you've been meaning to get rid of? We have the perfect solution for you, and you'll be helping Lort Smith!

We've partnered with an organisation named Rellik. Rellik takes donated household items and sells them at their shop. The profits made are then donated to Lort Smith.

Rellik started from small beginnings in 2013 fundraising for the Lort Smith by selling donated household items through our garage sales in Footscray and a stall at Geelong Vintage Market.

They have since launched Rellik Vintage Warehouse located in Fairfield, Victoria, this has been made possible by a generous landlord who has offered the organisation favorable lease terms.

This unique location offers a rustic atmosphere to sell our donated goods including pre-loved clothing, household, vintage and retro items from a large band of supporters of Lort Smith.

If you have some items that you would like to donate to Rellik, you can send them an email with your enquiry.




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