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Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Hello everyone! That’s a lot of woofs isn’t it?! And that’s because there’s a lot of us, six in fact. Our names are Burke, Gracie, Harmony Leroy, Sherlock and Rebel and we are siblings.

At just five months old we are still puppies and our breed is “Staffordshire cross”- or Staffy cross for short.

We feel so lucky because we found ourselves at Lort Smith after a bit of a tough start at life. We want to share our story because we’ve heard that there are some lovely people out there like you, who care about what happens to other animals just like us. We want to make sure that Lort Smith is able to help them too. Your donation today will help Lort Smith to save more animals in need this year.

Our earliest memories were of being in a noisy place, surrounded by things that humans didn’t want anymore and had thrown away. We couldn’t remember doing anything that might have made someone want to throw us away too. There were seven of us at that time and although we couldn’t see our mummy anywhere, we knew that we were brothers and sisters.

Sadly we don’t remember anything about our mummy. We’re sure that she loved us though and that it wouldn’t have been her choice to be separated from us. We’ve thought a lot about her since then and we hope that she wasn’t thrown out with the rubbish like we were. We know that we’ll probably never get to meet her, but we like to imagine that she’s warm, gets lots of food, has a soft, comfy bed and is living with a nice family who loves her, just like all dogs want. Although, we had a rough start we did end up being very lucky and we hope that mummy did too.

One of us was a bit sick. We didn’t know what was wrong with her but she was hot, her breathing was funny, she was tired and she had a cough.

After what felt like a long time we were found and taken to Lort Smith. We felt a little scared when we first arrived, but the humans there were so nice to us that we decided to trust them.

When we started our lives together we were four girls and three boys, but sadly the sick little girl, passed away. She had pneumonia and she was too small and sick to fight it.

Although we were very sad to say goodbye to our sister, the wonderful staff and volunteers at Lort Smith did their best to care for us and to make sure that we were in good health. We were very hungry when we first arrived and got to drink lots of milk! Without the care that Lort Smith gave us we know that we wouldn’t have made it. And with no ongoing government funding, without the support of generous donors like you, Lort Smith won’t be able to help other animals like us. With your gift today the amazing staff and volunteers at Lort Smith will be able to help so many more.

And we weren’t just given food, we also had somewhere safe and warm to sleep and cuddles whenever we wanted.

Our first days at Lort Smith were very exciting for us. We had Channel 7 news come to see us! It was nice to know that there were so many humans out there who felt we hadn’t done anything wrong to be thrown away and we felt very loved.

We hadn’t heard of ‘foster care’ before but we soon realised that we liked it a lot. We couldn’t have asked for a better home and eventually we got to try food for the first time. And that was just the beginning! Our foster carer even had a swimming pool at her house. We weren’t too sure about this at all when we first saw it. We wondered if we were supposed to drink from it. Was this our new water bowl?! We felt a bit silly when our carer showed us it was for us to jump and play in!

It’s fair to say that we were pretty taken with our foster carer and she told us that she liked us quite a bit too.

We feel so lucky to have found our way to Lort Smith and to have received such amazing care from all of their wonderful staff and volunteers. Without these people we would not be the puppies we are today. Lort Smith saved our lives and have shown us what it means to be loved and cared for. But there are so many more animals that need Lort Smith’s help. Your donation today will help Lort Smith to care for even more sick, injured and vulnerable animals this year.

Because we were found in hard rubbish on the side of the road we didn’t have names. We were told that so many people were interested in our story and worried about our welfare that they were going to run a competition to name us on Facebook.

Lots of people made bids on the online auction and before the end of the year we were officially named! We were surprised by how many people bid to give us names, but we weren’t surprised that so many people wanted to help Lort Smith by bidding. Without the amazing staff and volunteers at Lort Smith we never would of have had a chance at the great new lives that now lie ahead of us.

We were soon ready to be adopted and have families and homes of our very own. Back when we were in the hard rubbish, hungry and cold by the side of the road, if you’d told us that one day we would have humans who would welcome us into both their homes and lives, we wouldn’t have believed you.

Shortly after, we all found new loving homes and were looking forward to starting our new lives. It was only because of Lort Smith that any of this was possible. Humans have told us that 2018 is the year of the dog and we can believe it. Lort Smith’s Adoption Centre is almost completely funded through donations and without people like you we wouldn’t have been able to have the second chance that we so desperately needed. With your donation today you can help to ensure that Lort Smith is able to continue to save animals who would not survive without their care. You can help to provide life-saving care and support for some of the most vulnerable animals and people in our community.

Lort Smith does not receive any operational government funding and each year it costs us about $1.5 million to run our Adoption Centre.

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