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Lort Smith operates the largest not-for-profit Animal Hospital in Australia, providing discounts or free treatment to those of limited means who may otherwise be forced to give up their pets. We also operate an Adoption Centre exclusively supporting surrendered animals and provide a range of crucial Community Outreach Programs.

Each year, Lort Smith helps tens of thousands of animals and people. The effect we make on the lives of pets and people is profound.

We understand the value of protecting the human-animal bond. Year-on-year the need for our services from marginalised, vulnerable and disadvantaged people becomes greater and the challenge of funding our work increases. Lort Smith receives no ongoing government funding. We rely exclusively on the generous support of donors and bequestors.

The Guardian Circle is a new initiative that aims to bring together some very special people who share a love of animals and a commitment to supporting positive social impact.

We invite you to join the Guardian Circle where you will be part of an exclusive group supporting our crucial work.


Each year contributions through Guardian Circle will help fund specific projects or areas of need. This includes equipment; new facilities; program development; leadership and training; animal care and wellbeing; and research and community impact projects.

Contributions may also help to provide discounts to people of limited means, ensuring their pets are still able to receive the best possible veterinary care regardless of their owner’s circumstance or provide life-saving and critical veterinary care to animals in our Adoption Centre.


If you would like to join us on this journey please either contact the Fundraising Team directly on 03 9287 6430 or fill out the application form with your details to sign up now.

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