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How will your gift provide lasting care for animals in need?

By leaving a gift in your Will you can help Lort Smith make a significant difference to the lives of countless animals. Pets give us so much love and companionship and ask so little in return. Here is your chance to give something back, a chance to help literally thousands of animals.

Leaving a bequest in your Will is one of the most valuable ways that you can assist Lort Smith. We rely on bequests to help us meet the ever increasing demands for our services.  Your gift will enable us to:

  • Provide discounted surgery and medical care for the pets of people with limited means.
  • Provide shelter, treatment and care for thousands of lost, surrendered, sick and injured animals.
  • Find new loving homes animals that have been surrendered to our Shelter.
  • Purchase essential diagnostic equipment and medical supplies.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership.
  • Foster an awareness of animals and the benefits they bring.

Let us know and you will join our bequest club

All too often, the first we hear about a bequest is when a supporter has passed away. By letting us know about your intention to leave a gift to Lort Smith in your Will you can become a part of our bequest club.  This club allows us to recognise the generosity of our most important benefactors while they are still with us. It also enables us to invite you to events and keep you updated about the work of the Hospital. The easiest way to let us know is by filling in and returning to us a confidential response coupon.

Worried about the future of your pet?

By leaving a bequest you can also enrol you pets in our Pet Legacy Program. This program can give you peace of mind, knowing that your pets will be cared for should you pass away before they do. For more information or to enrol your pet, click here

Types of Bequests

Your solicitor or Trustee Company will advise you about the different types of bequests and which may suit you best, but some of the types you may consider are:

  • A specific dollar amount.
  • Residue – Whole, which means that after your allocated bequests have been distributed, the residue will be left to Lort Smith.
  • Residue – Percentage, which means the same as residue – whole except you wish to bequeath a percentage of the remaining estate.
  • Specific item, if you wish to leave a specific item instead, for example property or shares.

How to word your Bequest

Should you decide to include a gift to Lort Smith in your Will you will be doing a wonderful thing for sick, injured and vulnerable animals. 

The wording below can be provided to your solicitor to help ensure that your wishes are carried out.

I______________________________ of __________________________________________________

                            (name)                                                                      (address)

Give and bequeath free of all duties and taxes payable at my death (if any)

(Please insert the appropriate statement listed below)

1)     The sum of $_______________________

2)     (insert number) % of my estate

3)     The residue of my estate (or [insert number] % of the residue of my estate)

to the Lort Smith (ABN 87 004 238 475) for the use and purposes of the said organisation. The official receipt of the organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge of my bequest.

More information?

Leaving a gift in your Will is a very special way to show your commitment to helping care for animals that would otherwise have nowhere else to go. If you love animals, please consider leaving a gift to Lort Smith in your Will.

For more information about Bequests and how they can help Lort Smith deliver our important work in the community, please read our Bequest BookletYou can also contact us on 03 9287 6430 or send us an email.

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