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Hello everyone, my name is Moe and I am a six (almost seven!) year old Pug x Jack Russell terrier and I was told that there might be some lovely, caring people who would be interested in hearing about my story so here I am to share it with you! I have also asked my friend Little Rey to tell you about her journey - you’ll get to hear from her as you read on.

When I think about how I started my life it makes me feel very sad. But the humans at Lort Smith have told me that it’s an important story to tell so that they can help other animals in need like me. I don’t want any other animals to miss out on having the care, support and great life that I now have thanks to Lort Smith so I told them I’d be happy to do it.

I was born in a ‘puppy farm’. Although a farm sounds like it might be kind of a fun place for a dog like me, with lots of space to play and run around and other animals to play with, my first home was nothing like that. I couldn’t run and I couldn’t play because my home was a small metal cage. I was sad all of the time and so scared that I would never get to meet any other dogs or be able to share my love with humans. Finally, one day some people came along and took me away from that place.

I was very grateful to the humans who helped me. They helped me to find a new family to live with. I never thought that a puppy like me would find a home of his own. Sadly, I didn’t stay with that family for long and the humans who first rescued me couldn’t look after me again.

I started to feel very sad again. I wondered if I was doing something wrong. When I arrived at Lort Smith I was still feeling upset, but the humans there were so nice to me and I started to feel happier. I knew that these people would help me to find the life that I had always dreamed about.

The vets at Lort Smith told me that my right hind leg was a bit poorly and I would need something called a ‘luxating patella repair’ to fix it. I didn’t like the idea of having an operation on my leg, but I trusted that these humans only wanted the best for me. Before I had the surgery to fix my leg, Lort Smith brought somebody in to see me who they said was interested in me becoming part of their family.

The humans at the Lort Smith Adoption Centre said they had been speaking to a lady living in a place called an assisted living facility who was looking for a companion dog. When they phoned her about me, they said she got very excited and shouted down the phone, “Yes! I’ve always wanted a pug but gave up hope”. This reminded me of how I felt when I was in the cage. So many times I tried to be a good boy so the humans at the puppy farm would be nice to me, so many times I hoped I would have a life where I could be free, and so many times I gave up hope too. But now we both had a new hope.

They must have been very excited because within the hour the lady and her daughter came to Lort Smith on a tram to meet me and they both said that they instantly fell in love with me. I went to stay with them as a ‘foster with a view to adopt’ before my surgery. I won’t deny it, the surgery did hurt a lot, but thanks to the care Lort Smith took and the family who were looking after me, who had to do lots of exercises with me to make sure my leg got better properly, my leg did start to feel better. It was much easier for me to run and play and I soon got the news that I had been waiting such a long time for. 

I was told that I would get to stay with the family who had been looking after me and helping my leg to get better and that my new home would be with them! I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy! Both me and the lady who welcomed me into her family had given up hope of finding each other, but thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers at Lort Smith, I learnt how important it is to never give up hope. There are some amazing humans in this world and I‘ve seen that many of them work for Lort Smith.

With a family to call my very own, I am so happy; I have a home, I get to run and play and I even get pushed around in a dog pram when it’s too hot for me to walk! I think that my family and I both helped each other. I feel very fortunate to have been taken in by Lort Smith, but not every animal is so lucky.

Now that you’ve read my story I want to introduce you to my determined feline friend, Little Rey, who wants to tell you all about her time with Lort Smith so far and how she has also learnt to hope for a better life again.


Meow Meow!

Hi everyone, I’m a three month old domestic medium hair kitten and I’ve had a pretty tough start at life. When I think about how I started out it can make me feel sad, but the care and support I’ve received from the amazing staff and volunteers at Lort Smith, as well as stories like Moe’s, make me feel like there is hope for me too to find a family and home one day.

I’m at a much earlier part of my journey than Moe. Before I came to Lort Smith I was living on the streets during a hot Melbourne summer and that was no fun at all. When it was sunny I used to get really thirsty but it was hard to find clean water to drink and there weren’t even any puddles that I could drink from when it was so hot. Although I do sometimes like to lie in the sun (hey, I am a cat after all!) there were times on the streets when the heat was just too much, but I couldn’t always find a safe place in the shade.

Finding anything to eat was just as hard and it was really hard just to survive each day. One of the toughest things about being on the streets was being on my own. I don’t remember what happened to my family, all I can remember is being on the streets by myself. I didn’t feel too badly though as I thought that was just the way it was supposed to be. I would see other cats on the streets and so I thought this was normal. I didn’t know that there could be so much more to life until I arrived at Lort Smith.

I wasn’t in the best shape when I first got to Lort Smith. The humans told me that I had an ear infection, that my eye wasn’t working quite right, that I was underweight and that I would tilt my head when I walked. I knew that I was hungry and thirsty a lot but I hadn’t realised I was so poorly until the lovely people at Lort Smith told me.

My first days at Lort Smith were great! I was never left to go hungry or thirsty, I always had a safe and comfortable place to sleep and lots of humans would come to see me and give me cuddles. I never knew anything like this before, I thought that I was dreaming! I decided very quickly that I liked these humans a lot and whenever anyone would come in to cuddle me I would show them how much I loved it by purring straight away! After just a few days at Lort Smith I was told that there was someone who was interested in fostering me whilst I recuperated.

I didn’t really know what being fostered meant but after a few days in my foster home, I learnt that this meant I would get to stay with a family who would look after me and love me. I decided that fostering was definitely a very good thing!

When I was living on the streets I remember how lonely I felt lots of the time. Life is completely different at my new foster home. I live with humans, other cats and even a dog! Even though I was living on my own before I came here, it didn’t take me very long to make friends with my new fur-siblings and humans. I run and play with them, even chasing them around the house!

Even though I am able to have fun playing with my new family I am still having a bit of a tough time. My ear infection is lots better since my humans started giving me some medicine called ‘antibiotics’ every day. I don’t really know what that is, but I do know that it tastes pretty yucky! I know that it makes me better though so I don’t make it too hard for my humans to give it to me.

One of my eyelids still stays shut a lot of the time and I still tilt my head to one side. The vets at Lort Smith aren’t exactly sure why yet, but they are doing their best to work out how to help me. I think I am going to be having something called a ‘CT Scan’ soon to help them try and figure it out. I was told that this CT Scan is also known as a CAT scan so it makes sense that they would want to do this for me. I wonder if Moe has ever had a DOG scan?

When I first started talking to you I told you that my name was “Little Rey”. But I didn’t have a name before I arrived at Lort Smith and my foster home. I didn’t even know what a name was. My foster family was told they could choose my name and not long after I got to my new home the humans told me that my name was Little Rey. They told me that I was named after a character from a movie called ‘Star Wars’. I didn’t know what a movie was or what a ‘Star Wars’ was, but I did like the reasons my foster humans told me they chose my name.

They told me that Rey is a human who had a really tough start, left by her parents in a hot place, having to survive on her own, having to find food, water and shelter all by herself. They also said that even though Rey had such a hard start, she eventually found her place in the world with humans who love her. They said it didn’t matter where this human Rey had come from, that she was a strong survivor and that with the help of others she was able to realise her past didn’t mean she had to have a bad future.

I thought this was just like me! I had a really tough start at life, but with the help of the wonderful staff and volunteers at Lort Smith I have hope that I can have a really good future. They said that I had to be “Little Rey” because they already had a cat called Rey. I’m really enjoying having a big sister looking out for me for the first time!

Even though I have a long way to go until I’m fully better I do feel much happier and healthier since I’ve arrived at Lort Smith. Without them I would still be on the streets, not knowing where my next meal would come from or where I’d sleep every night. I also wouldn’t be getting help for my eye and head. Lort Smith are giving me the chance to have the best life possible.

Little Rey

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