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Hi there everyone, I’m Ayla!

As you can see from my photo I have been having a pretty tough time of it lately. You see I’m just a little puppy, only nine-weeks-old, and when someone dropped me, my jaw fractured very badly.

I wish I had the same skills as cats and had landed on my feet. However, I’m a German Shepherd cross Siberian Husky not a cat and so instead of landing on my feet I landed with a big thud. When I fell I fractured my jaw and ended up at Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

The vets at Lort Smith were so nice. They decided that I needed an x-ray which confirmed I have what’s called a complex fracture in my jaw. That’s why I now have that funny looking thing fitted to the side of my face.

Unfortunately my family couldn’t afford to pay for my treatment and so they decided to surrender me to Lort Smith.

I then had to have a big surgery on my jaw to fix it. I now have lots of metal things sticking out of the side of my face which are to help my jaw heal. It’s pretty uncomfortable and hurts a bit but all the staff and volunteers here at Lort Smith are giving me lots and lots of attention and cuddles. This makes me feel a whole lot better.

The vets say that my jaw is healing really well but I will still need lots of rest or ‘rehabilitation’ as the vets call it.

I’m living with a foster carer now while I ‘rehabilitate’ which is really nice. Once the vets say I’m all better, I will have surgery to have my metal things removed. I will also be desexed and Lort Smith will find me a new family, which I’m super excited about.

So far it has cost Lort Smith nearly $3,000 to repair my fractured jaw. Without donations from generous supporters, Lort Smith would not be able to pay for the veterinary care for animals like me. Your donation today will help Lort Smith to continue this vital and lifesaving work.

I’m going to hand over to Dozer now. He has a very special story to tell you about being one of the longest ever residents at Lort Smith!


Well hello there – I’m Dozer. I am the longest ever resident in Lort Smith’s Adoption Centre. It took me 386 days to be adopted – yep that’s right 386 days!! And Lort Smith never gave up in finding me a new home.

I was feeling pretty sad and sorry for myself when I first arrived at Lort Smith. I was only a puppy, five-months-old, and I had been hit by a car. I was in so much pain and my front leg was broken. The people who I used to live with sadly couldn’t afford the surgery to fix it.

Unfortunately my leg was so damaged it couldn’t be fixed so it had to be amputated – I was so sad. Lort Smith was then looking for a foster carer whilst I recovered from surgery and that’s when I met Corey and Lisa who decided to foster me until I was given the all clear to be adopted.

After the surgery the vets here were all worried because my remaining front leg was stressed from having to do the job of two! The amazing people at Lort Smith ordered me a special brace all the way from the United States which gives me extra support.

Lisa and Corey are just the best – they brought me back and forth to Lort Smith more than 60 times for bandage changes, x-rays, check-ups and something called excisional arthroplasty. I’m not exactly sure what that means but it sure helped me get better!

Then the best thing happened, after 386 days I was given the all clear for adoption and Corey and Lisa were finally able to adopt me! I now have a new permanent home with the most amazing people who have taken such good care of me.

I am so grateful I was brought to Lort Smith after being hit by the car because they were able to give me the second chance that many other places may not have been able to give.

Dozer’s veterinary costs and caring for him for 386 days cost Lort Smith an extraordinary total of $10,000. Dozer’s brace alone, which was specially made in the USA, cost $2,200. We need your support today to help us to continue to care for and rehome animals like Dozer. 

Lort Smith does not receive any ongoing government funding and each year it costs us about $1.5 million to run our Adoption Centre.

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