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Woof everyone, my name is Sammy! I’m a brown six-year-old Australian kelpie cross and I want to tell you about how the wonderful staff and volunteers at Lort Smith helped me to smile again after a tough few months. 

I was surrendered to Lort Smith a few months ago after my owner sadly passed away. When I first got here I was told there was something wrong with my left knee, something called ‘permanent patella luxation and abnormal bone conformation’.

The vets said that this probably happened when I hurt my leg as a younger dog and it hadn’t healed the right way. They also said that I had something called ‘medial patellar luxation’ in my back right leg so I was having quite a tough time.

I couldn’t stretch my left back leg properly and I couldn’t put any weight on it when I wanted to walk, run and play. Because I couldn’t use this leg properly the vets said the muscles in it weren’t as strong as they were supposed to be. They even thought that they might have to do what is called an ‘amputation’, which means they would have to take my leg off.

Lort Smith’s head surgeon wanted to look at my leg more closely so they did something called ‘sedating’ which meant that I had a bit of a nap. Whilst I was having a sleep the vet looked at my leg and said he thought they would be able to fix it and that I wouldn’t have to have it taken off. I was very excited when they told me that I would get to keep, and even be able to use, my leg again!

The vet said that I would need to have two operations to fix my legs. A few weeks after they did the first operation on my left leg they took a special picture called an ‘x-ray’ to see if it was getting better. They said that the picture looked good and that my leg was healing well.

I have now had both operations and the vets tell me that I am doing much better. I am living with a lovely foster carer who is doing something called ‘physio’ with my legs. I don’t know exactly what that is but I do know that it helps me to walk, run and play again, just alike I always wanted!

It was a major operation and it has taken me a long time to be able to use my legs properly, but they feel lots better now and I’m looking forward to finding a new home very soon.

I feel very lucky to have gotten such special care from the fantastic staff and volunteers here but my recovery has only been possible because of amazing people like you. Lort Smith receives no government funding and relies on the generosity of donors to help animals in need just like me.

All I wanted for Christmas was to be happy, healthy and living in a safe, warm home. Thanks to generous donors Lort Smith has been able to give me the care that I so desperately needed. But other animals might not be so lucky. So far it has cost more than $3,000 to repair my legs and take care of me. Your donation today will help ensure that Lort Smith is able to save and find homes for more animals like me.

Now that you’ve read my story I want to introduce you to my brave feline friend, Whiskers, who wants to tell you all about his time with Lort Smith and the new lease on life his time at Lort Smith has given him…

Meow everyone its Whiskers here, and I hope that you enjoyed reading about my canine friend Sammy. I might be biased but I think his story’s pretty special and I’m so happy that Lort Smith were able to save his leg. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite as lucky as Sammy and I lost one of my legs, but that hasn’t stopped me from running, jumping, pouncing on toys, and enjoying life just like my four-legged feline friends do!

I was just a kitten at only ten months old when I first arrived at Lort Smith a few months ago, after I was hit by a car. My leg hurt a lot and it was hard to walk. The vets seemed to be quite worried about me. After they did some tests and scans on me the vets said that my left back leg had what is called a ‘complicated open fracture’ and they said that I also had a fractured pelvis.

After lots more tests the vets said that my leg was too damaged to be repaired and that they would have to do an operation called an ‘amputation’ where they would take my damaged leg off. I didn’t like the idea of losing my leg because I thought it would mean that I wouldn’t be able to do all the fun things that other cats get to do. I knew that the amazing Lort Smith vets were doing the best for me, so even though I was very scared I trusted them and I tried my very best to be brave.

After I had the operation to take off my leg it was very strange and I was quite sad. I still worried that I wouldn’t be able to be like other cats and I wondered if anyone would want to give me a home. But thanks to the support of the wonderful staff and volunteers at Lort Smith I realised that I could still have a great life.

Like Sammy, I was really lucky because I was looked after by a fantastic foster carer who started to help me get used to life with three legs. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy, and I kept falling over when I tried to walk. For the first week it hurt a lot, but after the pain started to go away and I had what are called my ‘stitches’ taken out, I started to learn how to walk with three legs.

Do you read comic-books? Because I do and my favourite superhero is called ‘The Flash’. My foster carer said that not long after my operation I would move so fast that I was just like him. After a while we would both forget that I was even missing a leg because I would run up and down the stairs so fast that no-one could tell!

A short time after I had my leg taken off I had another operation to fix my pelvis and another to repair some of the teeth in my mouth. When I first hurt my leg and pelvis and I was told about all the operations I needed to have, I was worried that no-one would ever want me again. But once I was feeling a lot better and learned to walk again, Lort Smith helped me to find a new home and now I live with a lovely family who play with me, give me toys, lots of cuddles and love me just like any other cat.

I feel so lucky to have a new home this Christmas. Thanks to the amazing staff and volunteers at Lort Smith I was able to recover from my injuries and start a great new life with a lovely family. It cost Lort Smith almost $6,000 to remove my leg and fix my pelvis and teeth. Without the support of generous donors this would not have been possible. Your donation will help ensure that Lort Smith is able to save and provide new starts for more animals just like me.

Lort Smith does not receive any operational government funding and each year it costs us about $1.5 million to run our Adoption Centre.

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