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Foster caring frequently asked questions

Got a question about foster caring for Lort Smith? Here are our most frequently asked questions.  If you cannot find your question here, please send an email to Kennels or Cattery.

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Foster care

Everything you need to know about foster caring at Lort Smith Animal Hospital

What is foster care for animals?
Who needs foster care?
How long is the fostering period?
What are the requirements for a Foster Carer?
Are there any requirements for looking after injured animals?
What will the Hospital provide?
What happens if a foster animals damages property?
What if my fostered animal gets sick or dies?
What if my foster animal escapes?
Who has legal ownership of the fostered animal?
Who is responsible for transporting the adopted animal?
What if the animal requires veterinary care?
Can I find a home for my adopted animal?
What equipment do you provide?


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