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"Lort Smith is a unique organisation that holds a treasured place in the hearts and minds of animal lovers across Victoria.

Year on year the need for our services grows, but our current physical facilities have reached their limits.

Your gift will expand the facilities in North Melbourne and help us reach our aspirations to deliver world class animal care.

As Melbourne grows we need a new community site and your support of this second site will have a vast impact on the reach of these vital community services.

Healthcare is advancing at an extraordinary rate. People are living longer and healthier lives. Sadly, these advances are slow to benefit our animal companions who are so critical to our health and wellbeing. By expanding our reach and upgrading the level of care we can provide, we plan to change this. Lort Smith’s best years are still ahead of us but we can’t do this without YOU. Together we can make a difference!" 
- Fiona Webster, Lort Smith CEO

"I am proud to be the Patron of the Lort Smith Our Future Is In Your Hands Capital Campaign. The Campaign aims to provide much needed upgraded facilities for Lort Smith. It will pave the way for an exciting vision of providing world class animal healthcare and improving accessibility to services for a growing population.

I support this campaign as I believe in the bond between people and animals and wish to ensure that Louisa Lort Smith’s legacy will continue for another 80 years.

I ask you to join me on this journey and generously support this vital Capital Campaign."
- Samantha Baillieu, Lort Smith Capital Campaign Patron

As community expectations shift in relation to veterinary care, demand for the very best care continues to grow. For too long animal healthcare has fallen behind the advances made in human healthcare. For too long, the landscape of world class excellence in healthcare has been limited to human healthcare – but our bold vision is to change this.

With solid foundations and a more than 80 year history of caring for animals, this is something our current location in North Melbourne is well placed to address. The redevelopment of our North Melbourne site will see new and improved facilities, allowing us to expand our emergency and surgical services and provide even better and more complex veterinary care. This will also give us the opportunity to boldly contribute to advancing veterinary medicine in Australia.


  • Excellence in animal health and wellbeing
  • Investment in veterinary research
  • Build strong foundations for our future

The new site is located in Melbourne’s North. It will provide high quality community veterinary services, extending our philosophy of affordable care and discounts.

It will focus on community with potential for training veterinary nurses, placements for veterinary students, support for volunteers and a place for a community of local animal lovers to come together. The site will provide primary veterinary care, community based services and a purpose built animal friendly shelter. It will also improve accessibility to our core constituency as Melbourne continues to grow.


  • Improve facilities for animals in our Adoption Centre
  • Ensure we maintain our anti-euthanasia stance
  • Provide funding to increase our support for people in crisis
  • Provide investment for outreach services
  • Help reduce surrenders

"I urge you to join me and donate to Lort Smith's future vision. Together we can hgelp more animals and their carers." 
- Giaan Rooney OAM, Lort Smith Capital Campaign Ambassador.

Download a brochure and watch the video to learn more.


If you would like to join us on this journey please contact Philanthropy Manager Lisa Westphal via telephone on 03 9287 6430 or via email.

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