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Lort Smith is 'cluttered' with adult cats

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Lort Smith is 'cluttered' with adult cats 13/01/2017

The new year has seen an influx of cats and kittens at Lort Smith’s Adoption Centre, with a large number currently living in-house or in foster care. During the month of January, the adoption fee of $110 is being waived for all adult cats so the centre can make room for more animals in need.

Lort Smith CEO, David Herman is encouraging people to consider adopting an older cat and states there are many benefits of bypassing the ‘kitten-stage’.

“Lort Smith considers any cat over the age of six months to be an adult. You can usually see an adult cat’s true personality. They are generally already litter trained and tend to settle more easily,” said Mr Herman.

“The Lort Smith Adoption Centre exclusively finds homes for surrendered animals. Mature cats find themselves at Lort Smith for a variety of reasons. Some are surrendered because their owner is unwell and wants to ensure they are taken care of; some whose owners have had to go into aged care; and some that have medical issues, such as diabetes or kidney failure and whose owners don’t feel they can provide the care needed.”

“Since 1 November 2016 we have had 207 cats and kittens come through our Adoption Centre. Summer is the peak kitten season and during this time, adult cats tend to get overlooked. They all have so much love to give and we are urging potential adopters to look past the ‘cute factor’ and consider adopting an older cat. They too deserve to live in a loving home of their own.”

“In order to help rehome as many adult cats as possible we are waiving the adoption fees on all adult cats throughout January. Although there is no adoption fee, our in-depth adoption process still applies. We take the adoption process very seriously, taking the time to ensure the animal suits the person’s lifestyle and needs, and similarly ensuring the needs of the animal are met,” said Mr Herman.

All cats have been temperament tested and given full health checks. They come microchipped, desexed and vaccinated.

“It is always our aim to make sure we are able to find as many homes as possible for the animals that we take in from surrender situations,” Mr Herman said.

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