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Kitten rescued from the car engine after 20km journey

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Kitten rescued from the car engine after 20km journey 18/05/2016

A five week old stray kitten has been rescued by Lort Smith and MFB from the engine of a car after having travelled over 20 kilometres from Deer Park to Parkville and left there for close to 12 hours while the unaware car owner was at work.

The kitten, now dubbed Honda, only became known to the driver of the car as she started to drive home after a full day of work in Parkville. As she began driving, she heard a meowing sound which gradually grew louder. She managed to make her way to Lort Smith in North Melbourne where MFB fire-fighters from West Melbourne were called to help pull apart the car to locate the kitten.

Eventually the kitten was found stuck behind the radiator grille of the car.

Dr Russell Harrison, Head of Hospital Services, Lort Smith, said the kitten was very lucky.

“Despite having travelled from Deer Park to Parkville stuck in the engine of the car and then spending another eight or nine hours in the car while the car’s owner  was at work, five week old Honda was in surprisingly good condition.

”He sustained minor burns to the back paw pads which were treated and pain relief was provided. He was also very hungry and enjoyed a big bowl of food before being released. He has now been reunited with the mother and other kittens.”

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