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Happy 80th Birthday Lort Smith!

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Happy 80th Birthday Lort Smith! 15/04/2016

Lort Smith Animal Hospital celebrated a milestone anniversary today – 80 years of providing life-saving care for sick, injured and vulnerable animals. That's 560 in dog years!

We celebrated our 80th by asking some of our favourite canine friends to a dog-party with a gigantic, one-metre tall, Lort Smith decorated, dog-edible tiered birthday cake.

The dogs loved every minute of the party and their treats, while their human friends enjoyed the spectacle of 15 furry faces licking their way through a mountain of cupcakes.

Huge thanks to the very generous Sarah from The Melbourne Pawtisserie, who donated her time, effort and expertise to make the spectacular giant cake.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital was founded 80 years ago, by Louisa Lort Smith. The organisation grew out of the Animal Welfare League of Victoria, which was established in 1927 to raise money to help disadvantaged animals and their owners.

Since opening our doors on 16th April 1936 we have cared for more than one million animals and re-homed around 200,000 pets to loving families.

In 2015 alone, our Adoption Centre found new homes for more than 1,000 pets and almost 25,000 animals received vital veterinary care through our hospital.

Today, we are the largest non-profit animal hospital in Australia, comprising the Hospital, Adoption Centre and Community Outreach programs. Our Community Outreach programs include Pet Therapy and Emergency Boarding, enabling more people to benefit from companionship with animals.

Lort Smith's mission is to improve the health and happiness of animals and the people who care for them, and our vision is to be the recognised leader in Australia for animal health and wellbeing.

The Melbourne Pawtisserie's delicious cakes are all made to order in Melbourne, and filled with natural, fresh and wholemeal ingredients. We highly recommend them!

Contact Sarah at The Melbourne Pawtisserie by email, website or Facebook.

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