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Kangaroo shot in chest with arrow

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Kangaroo shot in chest with arrow 06/03/2016

Statement from Dr Tristan Rich, Head of Exotics and Wildlife, Lort Smith Animal Hospital about River the kangaroo:

“The kangaroo and her baby joey were rushed to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital this afternoon. The mother was in a critical condition after being shot in the chest with an arrow.”

“We immediately supplemented her with oxygen, treated her shock with intravenous fluids and took an X-ray to assess the extent of injury.”

“It’s amazing that the arrow didn’t puncture her heart or lungs, and I was able to remove it quite easily.”

“After removing the arrow we cleaned and flushed the wound and administered additional painkillers and antibiotics.”

“This is the second case we’ve seen in the past six months, and it’s horrifying. The joey is very young and now we’re concerned for his life also. If his mother doesn’t survive, he’ll become an orphan at only two months.”

“The kangaroo (being called River) and her baby are in a stable condition and recovering at the Wild About Wildlife shelter, where she will receive round the clock care.”

 “Now we just have to hope that she’s strong enough to survive the rehabilitation process, and doesn’t succumb to infection.”

“There’s a danger that she may pass away purely from the stress of being in captivity.”

“We are very proud of our partnership with Wildlife Rescuers and all the other wildlife carers who donate their time endlessly to saving so many animals.”

Lort Smith did this surgery pro bono, and provides over $100,000 of veterinary care to wildlife every year. We do not receive any ongoing government funding, and urgently need additional funds to continue this work.

River is a female eastern grey kangaroo, weighing approximately 50 kilos. She has a two-month-old baby male joey in her pouch, weighing just 150 grams. River was found at University Hill, Bundoora by Sharon Bonnici from Wildlife Rescuers.

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