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Containing your fence-jumping pet

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Containing your fence-jumping pet 29/02/2016

In recent weeks we have treated a few patients in the hospital who suffered broken bones after attempting to escape over the back fence.

So in order to help prevent more dogs being injured, we wanted to share a few handy tips.

Dr Russell Harrison, Head of Hospital Services, said that the desire to escape could be triggered by fear of storms, fireworks or other unexpected noises or situations. In other cases it can occur because the dog is bored and wants to play.

"Dogs often jump because they are frightened, bored or lonely," said Russell Harrison.

"To help prevent this, give them something to pass the time. Fill a Kong toy with edible treats for it to play with and provide new interesting toys."

"Doggy-day care is also a good option, or setting up play dates with other friendly local dogs that your dog already knows."

"If you are away from home for a long period during the day, it's a good idea to get someone to drop in to walk your dog or spent some time with it."

"If your dog is scared of storms or fireworks, make sure you keep them inside, shut the windows and turn on the TV or radio to provide some calming white noise."

“And of course make sure your pet is microchipped so that if he or she does escape, you will be reunited more quickly,” said Dr Harrison.

If your dog is jumping because of anxiety, this needs to be managed with the support of a veterinary behaviourist.

Top tips:

1. Make sure your fences are a minimum of six foot high and there are no holes or loose planks.

2. Make sure your dog is desexed, which will also prevent it wandering to search for a mate.

3. Provide clean water, food and leave interesting toys out.

4. Give your dog plenty of daily exercise, attention and company.

5. Consider doggy-day care, a dog walker or play dates with other dogs.

6. If your dog is scared of storms and fireworks keep it securely inside. 

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