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Introducing fundraising superstar, Elliot Broome

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Introducing fundraising superstar, Elliot Broome 25/02/2016

At just ten years of age, Elliot Broome is our youngest regular donor, giving $12 a month from his pocket money to help Lort Smith.

He told our fundraising team that his passion for animals started two years ago.

"I got my dog Timmy for Lort Smith Adoption Centre in 2013, and I wanted more animals to be saved from being hurt so I started raising money for Lort Smith," Elliot says.

"I like animals because I think they have rights just as much as humans do but they don't seem to be getting those rights."

"I give money every month and I also set up a website to raise money. Me, my brother and my dog Timmy raised $651.50 for Lort Smith in Run Melbourne last year."

Elliot is in grade 5 at Clifton Hill Primary School, where he raises awareness about animal welfare and Lort Smith's work.

"I used to bring Timmy to my class at school and I made talks about him and how he was saved."

He is also a committed environmentalist.

"I've always been passionate about the environment. Me and my mum have been convincing the school for quite a while now to get solar panels, and they've done it now."

Not content with his current level of giving, Elliot is increasing his contribution.

"I've decided I'm going to give $50 dollars at the end of each year," he says.

Huge thanks to Elliot for all his help and hard work!

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