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Sally survives savage dog attack

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Sally survives savage dog attack 23/02/2016

When Norma rushed her little Jack Russell Terrier Sally into Lort Smith’s Accident and Emergency clinic last week, our vets feared for Sally’s life.

Norma was walking Sally on a lead along the Moonee Ponds Creek in Strathmore when she was viciously attacked by another dog.

Our vets performed an incredible seven-hour surgery, working in shifts throughout the night, to save Sally's life.

"It's the longest surgery that's been performed at Lort Smith in our 80-year history," said Dr Russell Harrison, Head of Hospital Services at Lort Smith.

"Sally arrived at Lort Smith with incredibly severe injuries including a damaged spleen, lung and pancreas,” said Dr Harrison.

"I'm amazed that Sally survived due to the extent of her injuries. She's a tough and very brave little dog."

Norma explained that it all happened very quickly: "A large dog came up the creek embankment so fast we didn't see it coming."

"It just bounded up and grabbed Sally and tossed her around like a rag doll and bit her on the tummy," said Norma.

"I was screaming and the dog was screaming and it was just a nightmare. A young couple tried to drag the dog off Sally. The owner just grabbed his dog and took off."

"If the couple hadn't been there I don't know what would have happened. I rang my son and he took me straight in to Lort Smith Animal Hospital."

"It was difficult to get Sally into the car because she was so injured."

"The Lort Smith Animal Hospital saved her life," said Norma.

The owner of the dog involved in the attack has been identified and is assisting local council with their inquiries.

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