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Meet Lort Smith clients Michelle and Booffules

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Meet Lort Smith clients Michelle and Booffules 16/02/2016

Our staff spotted Michelle and her adorable companion Booffules this afternoon in the waiting room and couldn't resist taking a few snaps.

Both Michelle and Booffules were only too happy to oblige and tell their story. Booffules, or Boo for short, is a very relaxed Labrador cross. He's a natural charmer, and has been Michelle's assistance dog for seven years.

"We go down the street in Lilydale and he says hello to all the oldies and anyone in a wheelchair," says Michelle. "He just stands there and takes it all in, he's quite happy."

Michelle travelled from Lilydale all the way to Lort Smith today, "because Boo's got a few lumps and bumps I want to get checked out."

"No matter what's wrong, even for his shots, we come to Lort Smith," Michelle says. "I found that Lort Smith has better vets, we get better treatment and it's cheaper."

"I've been coming here for 15 years. I used to bring [my previous assistance dog] Sahara here too, he used to sit in a trolley on the front of my wheelchair. Boo is way too big for that!"

It's all an adventure for Boo, who adores travelling on trains with his Assistance Animal Pass, making friends on each journey.

"I come in by taxi and we go home by train because Boo loves it so much!" says Michelle. 

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