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120 long days without a home

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120 long days without a home 16/02/2016

Meet Angel.

Angel is only 13 months old and has already spent more than 125 days without a home. That’s a big part of her short life.

A shelter environment is not the right place for a dog to grow up. She needs a real home.

Angel ended up in an animal shelter when she wandered too far from home all the way back in October. She was young, lost and alone. Angel waited there for months for her person to claim her but they never came.

It appeared no-one else wanted to make Angel a part of their family either but thankfully she was transferred to Lort Smith Adoption Centre in December to help find her a new home.

Angel has watched so many other dogs arrive and be chosen to go to new homes while she waits.

We're giving her plenty of walks, pats and attention but it's time for her to find her home.

She's bigger than a lot of the other dogs and needs some training. However, we know there's someone out there for her. 

Angel is looking for an owner who is active, will take her on long walks and commit to ongoing training.

It has to be her turn to find her forever home soon.

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