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Rabbits at risk

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Rabbits at risk 05/02/2016

The deadly RHDV2, a new virus affecting rabbits, has been detected in the Melbourne region.

Other cases have been reported in regional Victoria, New South Wales, ACT and South Australia.

Signs of RHDV2 for rabbits can include: quietness, lethargy, pyrexia (rectal temperature of 40 or more), seizures and death.

One case of RHDV2 has been confirmed in a rabbit vaccinated nine months ago.

The current vaccine for rabbit calicivirus is not fully protective against the RHDV2 virus. However, our veterinarians recommend the following off-label vaccination schedule to provide the maximum possible protection against RHDV2:     

Young rabbits – Vaccinate from four weeks of age, repeat doses at eight and 12 weeks.            

Adult rabbits – Vaccinate every six months

Unvaccinated adults – or overdue adults vaccinate twice one month apart, then every six months.

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For more information visit:
• www.ava.com.au/rabbit-calicivirus
• www.idt-animal-health.com
• www.petsmart.org.au

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