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Fireworks frighten dogs

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Fireworks frighten dogs 30/12/2015

Lort Smith Animal Hospital is calling for dog owners to keep their pets safe this New Year’s Eve to prevent injuries caused when dogs try to escape the sound of fireworks.

“New Year’s Day is always a busy day at Lort Smith Animal Hospital as our veterinarians treat dogs with serious injuries sustained after panicking and trying to escape the sound of fireworks,” Dr Russell Harrison, Head of Hospital Services at Lort Smith Animal Hospital said.

“In 2014, we treated dogs hit by cars, others with lacerations from jumping over fences and even a dog that broke its jaw trying to escape through a security door following the fireworks.”

“It is especially important for new dog owners to be prepared as they may not know what their pet’s reaction to fireworks will be,” Dr Russell Harrison said.

“If you are leaving your dog home on a night when fireworks are scheduled, you should consider shutting the windows to block the flashing light and turning on the TV or radio to provide some calming white noise.”

If you find a stray animal, please take it to your local council or pound facility, or take injured animals to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

Five top tips for how to keep dogs safe during fireworks:
• Keep dogs secure and inside during fireworks.
• Cover any windows to further block out noise and flashes of the fireworks.
• Keep the TV or radio on to muffle outside noise and distract your dog.
• Be aware of your dog’s whereabouts and find them quickly should any unofficial fireworks displays occur.
• Ensure your dog is microchipped so if the animal does go missing, you have the best possible chance of being reunited quickly. 

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