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Vets plea: No pets as Christmas presents

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Vets plea: No pets as Christmas presents 22/12/2015

The Lort Smith Animal Hospital is urging the public not to give pets as last-minute Christmas presents as they can end up being surrendered to its Adoption Centre once the novelty has worn off.

CEO David Herman said: “At Lort Smith Animal Hospital, we don’t encourage giving pets as Christmas presents, because it is so important that a pet is right for its owner.”

“Pets should never be an impulse purchase or surprise gift. This is the biggest challenge at Christmas.”

"Unfortunately, Lort Smith's Adoption Centre deals with the consequences of impulsive gift-giving when unwanted animals are brought in for re-homing."

David Herman said it was essential that the person who would be responsible for the animal should be the one who makes the decision to take an animal into their lives.

“Potential owners need to bond with an animal before making the decision and commitment to make them part of the family.”

“The decision to adopt a pet is major and for life. It’s about the human-animal bond, so we want potential owners to make sure they are the right human for their new animal, and vice-versa.”

“A dog, cat or rabbit needs to fit into the home, and get along well with other pets and family members.”

“People need to have the chance to consider pragmatic issues, such as the needs of the animal, like exercise and grooming, concerns about allergies, the cost of keeping a pet healthy, special needs, life span and lifestyle," he said.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital is encouraging animal lovers to instead give a donation to help it care for sick, injured and surrendered animals at www.lortsmith.com, or to buy a donation gift card.

“We have kids’ donation cards for $10 all the way up to $200 cards, all featuring different animals. The cards are tax-deductible, with all funds raised going to help care for mistreated, sick and injured animals,” said David Herman. 

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