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Chrissy the cat receives free microchip

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Chrissy the cat receives free microchip 14/12/2015

Jenny Nevins found out about Lort Smith's free microchipping program for health care card holders through her local vet.

"I'm a pension card holder so it's currently free at Lort Smith," said Jenny. "I jumped at the chance."

When she arrived at Lort Smith by tram and bus with her divine Domestic Medium Haired cat Chrissy in a shopping jeep this morning, it was too good a photo opportunity to pass up!

"I've had Chrissy for two years," said Jenny. "I'm very glad to get her microchipped so if she wanders off, they'll find out where she lives and I'll get her back."

Lort Smith Animal Hospital CEO David Herman said that microchipping was vital for all pet owners.

"We know that the cost of microchipping is often a deterrent for people of limited means,” said David Herman.

“We are hoping people with health care cards will book in for our free pet microchipping service, to improve the chance of their pet being returned if it goes missing.”

“Lort Smith Animal Hospital’s free microchipping is only funded until the end of February 2016, so please contact us for an appointment now,” David said. 

There are a limited number of appointments available each week so people should book in advance. This offer is not available to breeders. To make an appointment, call (03) 9328 3021. Lort Smith Animal Hospital is located at 24 Villiers Street, North Melbourne.

The Free Microchipping for the pets of owners with Health Care Cards Project is supported by the Victorian Government. 

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