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My lifestyle colour

  • Needs basic to high short term training
  • Moderately stimulated by surrounding area
  • Requires moderate activity
  • Loves to play, but settles quickly after play
  • Medium grooming requirements
  • Available from: August 18th, 2018
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 Years (Adult)
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Staghound x


Hi there, my name is Izzy,

I am a bright girl with plenty of love to give. Unfortunately I found myself at Lort Smith when my carers could not longer look after me. I do get a little anxious when I'm left alone so a home where I get plenty of company and possibly even a doggy friend would make me very happy. I am very social and love to play with dogs of all sizes, hence ongoing socilisation would be a great form of enrichment for me.

My ideal handler would also be someone who can provide me with training as I have so much potential to learn. But most importantly a home where I can be a part of the family and be spoilt with cuddles and kisses.

A home with no feline friends please as the thrill of the chase is a little too much for me!

I'm currently on anti anxiety medication which the staff will discuss with you in more detail when you come to visit me.

If I sound like the girl for you, please give the Adoption Hub a call on 9321 7240 to arrange a meet and greet with me.


  • Suits children under 6
  • Suits children 7 plus
  • Suits teenager
  • Allowed outdoors
  • Good with other dogs


Things to consider before adopting an animal

Adopting an animal is a rewarding experience that will last a lifetime.  But before you adopt a pet please take some time to consider the commitment you are about to make. Sometimes the excitement of pet ownership can overshadow factors that should be considered before adoption. 

Adopting a shelter pet is a lifelong decision that will have a major impact to your normal, everyday life.  Please remember that a cat or dog can live for up to 20 years and they will rely only on you for their wellbeing for their entire life. 

Before you decide, have you considered the following?

  • Do I have time to exercise the dog every day?
  • Do I have time for puppy pre-school and time to socialise a puppy?
  • Do I have at least an hour every day to spend with my cat?
  • Do I have time for obedience training?
  • If renting, does the landlord permit pets?
  • Is the backyard big enough and is the fencing secure?
  • Does the whole family want a pet?
  • Will the pet be allowed inside?
  • Will I have to move interstate or overseas in the foreseeable future?
  • Will I have to move to another rental property where the landlord may not allow pets.

Can I afford a pet? 

Pets are a lifelong monetary commitment, you will need to factor in:

  • Weekly animal food bills and necessities
  • Yearly council registration
  • Monthly medications like heart worm/intestinal worm and flea treatments
  • Annual vet visits for vaccinations and check ups
  • Unexpected vet bills due to accidents or medical conditions
  • Ongoing grooming
  • Boarding fees for human holidays
  • Enrichment like training, toys etc

Ready to Adopt?

Come visit me

Lort Smith Adoption Hub
Registration 005ASH
38 Villiers St, North Melbourne
03 9321 7240

Open 9:30am - 3:30pm every day except public holidays.

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