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Adoption Centre Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Adoption Centre at Lort Smith? Here are our clients' most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question here, please send us an email.

Adoption Centre questions

I have questions about your Adoption Centre

Do you have boarding facilities at Lort Smith Animal Hospital?
Do you have stray/lost animals at Lort Smith?
Why do you desex all your animals?
Do you just adopt cats and dogs?
Where are your animals from?
How are animals assessed for adoption?
What happens if an animal doesn’t find a home?

Adoption Centre prices

I'd like to know about your adoption prices and surrender fees

What is the cost to adopt an animal?
What does the adoption fee include?
Will I get a refund if I return the animal?
Can I get a discount on adoption if I have a health care card?
Why do I have to pay a surrender fee, what does it go towards?

Adoption process

I have questions about the adoption process

What do I need to consider before adopting a pet?
Can I leave my name until the animal I want comes in?
Why do I need to do an adoption interview?
Why do I need to provide landlord approval when adopting a pet?
Can I get a pet as a gift for someone else?
Do I have to bring my dog in to meet the dog I am interested in adopting?
Can I bring my cat in to meet a dog or cat I am interested in?

After adoption

I have adopted an animal but I have questions

What happens if the animal I adopt gets sick?
If I have problems with the animal, who can I call for advice?
If the animal does not work out, can I return it?
I see that the animal will need a booster vaccination next/this month, is there a fee for that?


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