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Adoption Centre team

At Lort Smith’s Adoption Centre our 27 Animal Management Officers and team of volunteers provide shelter, adoption and fostering services for over 2,600 animals, each year. This includes dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, roosters, rats, and all sorts of wildlife.

A normal day in the Adoption Centre involves feeding the animals, cleaning the cages, walking the dogs, providing enrichment, conducting behavioural assessments, and giving lots of love and affection to the animals in our care.  We also meet with people who are interested in adopting an animal and those that need to surrender one.

Once in our care, Adoption Centre staff and volunteers go above and beyond to ease the pain and loneliness for these animals. They provide enrichment activities for the various animals; pine cone Kongs stuffed with fruit and vegetables for the rabbits; playing with toys with the cats out of their pens to stretch their legs; walking the dogs dailty and playing games with them in their yards.

The Adoption Centre staff are highly trained, some are qualified dog trainers and some have over 15 years experience working in the shelter with all the different animals. The staff provide potential adoptees with training techniques and advice and work alongside new owners to make the transition from shelter to their new home smoother.

Cameron Rogers, Senior Animal Kennels Attendant, says "The buzz you get from seeing unwanted, scared animals getting successfuly rehomed is like nothing else, especially when you have worked closely with a dog and see it do a 180 degree turn around".

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