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David Herman

Experienced businessman and entrepreneur David Herman commenced as CEO of Lort Smith in late Jaunary after a rigorous recruitment search.

For the last five years, David held the position of CEO at Falls Creek Resort Management in the Victorian High Country. 

David brings considerable experience to Lort Smith as a CEO both in the commercial and the not for profit space. Most importantly, David has a strong passion for animals and animal welfare. 

He is well known to Lort Smith from 2003 when he established a significant joint venture with Lort Smith providing unique in-store adoption centres that set new high standards in animal welfare. Pets at Home Australia and Pets at Home UK were sold to new owners in late 2009.

A solicitor by profession, David’s senior executive career has spanned both private and public sectors and has specialised in creative business development, change management and corporate partnerships.

He spent almost ten years with the Village Roadshow Group working on cinema and entertainment projects in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States and, from 1998, David facilitated the entry of Borders Book chain to Australia and the opening of its first 14 stores around the country.

With his two children now in high school, David and his family have returned to Melbourne.

David’s family includes two adopted dogs – Pearl, a six-year-old “bitsa” lovingly adopted from the Lort Smith in 2009 and Hazel, a 12-month-old cattle dog adopted from the RSPCA. Both dogs get on well with Sargo, the world’s most domesticated blue tongue lizard.


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