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Information for external vets

Lort Smith regularly receives referrals from other veterinary practices who have already consulted with a client.

All consultations require an appointment and due to our caseload there can be a wait of several days for some procedures. We are not a 24 hour hospital so if your patient requires overnight monitoring please refer them to a 24 hour emergency clinic.  

During emergency service hours we have a limited number of staff working. If you are considering sending a case for emergency surgery please ring ahead first to discuss the case and to ensure we can provide the adequate care needed.

Please note: We do not have the facilities to perform cat blood transfusions and may not have blood readily available for dog blood transfusions. 

Referring a patient

If you would like to refer a patient please download and complete the patient referral form and send this along with any relevant patient history via email or fax 03 9329 5347.

Fees and charges

Part of our mission is to provide care for animals of people with limited means however please note that we do not provide a free service and do require payment. Owners with a current health care card are entitled to a 25% discount on most of our services. We require a deposit for ongoing care.

A payment plan may be provided to owners with limited financial means however each case will be assessed individually in conjunction with the owner. Please keep in mind that the cost of some procedures may be similar to that of private practice.

Lort Smith's Pet Legacy Program

Do you have clients who are worried about the future their pets when they are no longer around to care for them?  We can help through our 'Pet Legacy Program'. In this program, owners bequeath their pets to Lort Smith and, in the event that they are no longer able to care for their pets, we take over guardianship.  

We are more than happy to send you some brochures and posters for you to display in your reception area, and to provide to clients if they are worried about the future of their pets. If you would like some brochures, or for any further information, please call us on 03 9321 7213 or send us an email.


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