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Our Christmas appeal highlights the ongoing need for the essential services provided by Lort Smith.

As a pivotal milestone celebrating Lort Smith’s 80th year, we are extremely excited to announce the development of our new ‘Adoption Hub’. Located on the neighbouring property to our Villiers Street site, the Hub is set to establish a new humane standard in companion animal adoption.

An investment of this calibre, comes at a significant cost to the organisation. 

Please make a donation today so we can continue helping animals like Neo and Metro Flinders who need our assistance.

Woof! My name is Neo and I’m a four month old Siberian Husky. I have gorgeous piercing blue eyes so I don’t think it will take Lort Smith long to find me the perfect home. I have been hearing all about this new Adoption Hub and I’m really excited to see my new digs. I’m one of those dogs who likes to play with other dogs rather than spend all day in my enclosure so I just know this new Adoption Hub will be lots of fun. There will be an area where dogs like me can sniff, roll around and play with other dogs all day if we want to. Sleeping is for night time, not the day time!

With all the Vet care, medication, operations, overnight stays in the Hospital and Adoption Centre Neo cost Lort Smith almost $1,000 to bring him back to full health so he could be rehomed. This may not seem excessive however our Adoption Centre rehomes more than 1,000 animals per year. The cost of veterinary treatment for these animals is extremely high. Can you donate this Christmas so we can continue this vital service?

Hi, it’s Metro Flinders here…it’s nice to meet you… Thank you for taking the time to read our stories and hear all about the great work Lort Smith does for us. I like to think my story is as interesting as Neo’s and that I too, will have a happy ending. It’s a long story which starts in April this year when I was found alone and scared at Flinders Street Station. A lovely lady rescued me and knew to bring me into Lort Smith.

The Vet’s found out I had what’s called femoral neck deformities which was why I was dragging my legs and not able to stand for long periods of time. This meant I needed to go into surgery so I could feel better. The Vets operated on my left hand side first which meant I had time to recover before they did the other side. I was feeling very sad and sorry for myself but knew I was going to feel better soon.

With the multiple surgeries, medication, food and overnight stays in the Hospital and Adoption Centre, I cost Lort Smith in excess of $3,600. Please donate this Christmas so Lort Smith can continue caring for helpless animals like me.

There are many ways you can donate:


Donate online using your credit or debit card.


Call the Lort Smith fundraising team on 03 9321 7207 and donate by debit or credit card.

 By Post

You can mail us a cheque or money order. Please make payable to Lort Smith and post to:

24 Villiers Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051

 Bank Deposit

You can deposit money via our bank account either in person or via internet banking. Please contact our fundraising team on 03 9321 7207 for our bank details. 

 Become a Monthly Donor

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