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Where your money goes

Lort Smith is a not-for-profit charity that relies heavily on generous support from the community to continue providing our unique and much needed service.  Every gift, big or small is cherished at Lort Smith. 

Your kind gift today will go towards:

  • Helping us to provide care and treatment for hundreds of sick, injured, lost and abandoned animals every day.
  • Assisting us in providing high quality veterinary care at a reduced cost for the pets of people in need.
  • Our foster care program, where volunteers take shelter animals into their own home whilst they wait to be adopted.
  • Helping us to continue running our shelter and provide new homes for over 1100 animals each year.
  • Providing Emergency Welfare Assistance to animals that belong to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.  This includes people who face temporary hardship, the elderly requiring hospitalisation, the homeless, victims of domestic violence and people suffering extreme poverty.
  • Continuing our Pet Therapy Program where volunteers take their good natured dogs to aged care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centre’s, hostels and nursing homes across the Melbourne and Geelong region.
  • Helping us provide food, medical care, accommodation and lots of TLC to the thousands of animals in our shelter.
  • Emergency surgeries for animals who have been surrendered or abandoned.
  • Purchasing essential hospital and surgical equipment to be used in saving the lives of thousands of animals.

What your donation can do for animals:

One-off donation:

  • $10 will purchase an enrichment item for our shelter animals
  • $25 will pay for a course of antibiotics to help fight infection in a sick or injured animal
  • $100 will pay for a full vet health check on a litter of abandoned kittens
  • $300 will cover the cost of emergency dental surgery for a shelter dog
  • $900 will pay for Emergency Welfare Assistance for one shelter dog.  Providing food, medical treatment, boarding and plenty of TLC.

Regular monthly donation over a 12 month period:

  • Less than 50c per day will cover the cost of de-sexing an adult cat, which in turn helps to combat the growing stray cat population.
  • $1 a day will cover the cost of an emergency surgery for a severely injured animal.
  • $2 a day will pay for several important surgical items such as heat pads, clippers X-Ray Weights & ultra violet lamps that will be used on a daily basis.











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