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Houdini and Humphrey

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Houdini and Humphrey 22/04/2016
I was perusing my Facebook feed during a desk-job lunchbreak in August 2012. When, lo and behold, a post from Lort Smith appeared of two gorgeous cat brothers looking for a new home together. Within minutes, I contacted Petbarn where they were being kept to enquire if they were still available. By the end of the day, we'd organised a meet and greet and I drove from Werribee to Preston to check on my future furkids. Houdini by name, Houdini by nature, this kittycat was super shy and hid for the entire visit, while Humphrey was keen to smell and playfully bat at my hands. Before leaving the store, my boyfriend and I had already decided we had to have them as our own. They've blossomed from shy little muppets to very curious little men. Houdini is my voluptuous boy, super curious, super playful and loves his Kong Kicker toy which he will go and fetch, and place at your feet while meowing, when he feels ignored and wants attention. Humphrey is my gentleman. Gentle in nature, a bit clueless and clumsy but an absolute gem who you can't help but love. Best decision I have ever made.
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