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Gizmo 19/04/2016
On the March 28 2014, our world fell apart in a way we could never have imagined possible. Our beautiful Bailey, my baby for 13 years, passed away from an 18-month battle with kidney cancer. We were both devastated and thought we could never let another fur child into our hearts again. Little did we know that this would change after reading a post on Lort Smith's Facebook page 10 months later. The headlines screamed out to me about this poor tiny kitten that had been thrown from a balcony, the only survivor of his family discovered crying among the remains of his mum and siblings. Who could do such a horrible thing to such a sweet innocent little baby? Temporarily named Houso, I looked every day for an update on Lort Smith’s page as well as messaging constantly for updates on this sweet little creature that had already captured my broken heart. Finally, we were contacted to see if we would like to visit this sweet little guy, and from there the rest is history. Gizmo came home to us and our lives have changed for the better. Gizmo is a sweet loving and very sensitive little guy, who was given the opportunity by Lort Smith to recover with his foster mum, Mandy, not to mention beautiful little Cleo who was also in care at the same time. We adopted Cleo a few weeks after Gizmo so that Gizmo would have a furever friend. Gizmo and Cleo are such great friends and bring so much love and joy to our lives as well as many others. Thank you Lort Smith for everything you do for the community and our animal kingdom. Happy 80th birthday, Lort Smith! Bernie, David, Gizmo & Cleo
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