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Dwight and Doekie

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Dwight and Doekie 18/04/2016
Hi, I'm Dwight. One day my Mum (to be) woke up to find that Mr Nero, her cat of 18 years, was very sick. The vet came and sweet Nero went to walk on the other side of the rainbow. Mum was so sad and went to Lort Smith that day to see if she could find a little one to adopt and I was the lucky one, she named me Dwight. We had a happy life together for a while, but I was a bit lonely without any brothers or sisters. It took a little while but Mum got the message and went again to see if there was a sister available for adoption and there was! She called her Doekie. It took me a little while to get used to sharing my Mum, house and toys but Doekie was so sweet and we liked playing together so very soon I loved my little sister lots. We have now been together for over five years and are very happy. Here we are in the laundry. I am the grey one and Doekie is the tortoiseshell cat. We do lots of different things together, we have harnesses and leashes to go outside and have our own pet tower to play in. But our favourite time is bedtime when we snuggle up with our Mum in her bed.
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