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Hanrob Pet Hotels transition training program 

A shelter dog is just like any other dog. Loving, loyal and full of energy. Just like any other dog, it may have some behavioural issues. If you’re considering adopting a shelter dog, you may have concerns about the training that it has experienced in the past. Some dogs that end up in shelters may not have had the basic training that they need and deserve. 

To address this issue, Lort Smith Animal Hospital has partnered with Hanrob Pet Hotels to create a tailored training program for shelter dogs. The Hanrob Pet Hotels Transition Training program provides training to specifically address any undesirable behaviours that are being displayed by a shelter dog prior to them moving in with their new family.

What is the Hanrob Pet Hotels transition training program?

Your dog will spend three days at Hanrob Pet Hotel in Tullamarine, with Hanrob's master dog trainers. They will focus on the particular issues identified by Lort Smiths Animal Hospital's shelter team and work with the dog to minimise the impact of these behaviours. Also a Hanrob master dog trainer will then provide an in-home lesson for you and your dog to teach you the newly acquired skills and how to continue to implement them. 

What is the purpose of the Hanrob Pet Hotels transition training program?

The end goal is to enhance the quality of life of the dog and the happiness of the owner, by giving you the best possible start for you and your new dog. 

How to take up this offer?

The first option is that once the adoption has taken place that your new dog is transported to the Hanrob training centre directly from the Shelter. Once the training has been completed, the staff from Hanrob will organise to transport your dog back home to you for your private in-home lesson.

The second option that is offered is for those owners who have second thoughts. It is the same package with the same costs, but for those new owners who change their minds up to 14 days after adoption.

How much does it cost?

Price $250 (RRP $400) for any dog adopted from the Lort Smith. 

To find out more about Hanrob Pet Hotels, visit www.hanrob.com.au or call 1300 426 762.

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