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Roxy to the rescue!


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Give a pet a second chance

Animals in our shelter have been surrendered for lots of different reasons - their owners are moving overseas, moving to a house with no backyard, have a lack of time and/or money, the kids lost interest, etc. These little guys all deserve a second chance with a happy family and it is such a rewarding experience to give this to an animal in need.

Get a healthy pet

All of our Adoption Centre animals have been vet checked, desexed, microchipped and parasite protected and this is all included in the adoption price.  They are also behaviour tested so that the staff can identify the type of home that would suit them best.  Some animals do have ongoing health requirements, however this is all discussed with interested families before the adoption takes place.
Save money
The cost to adopt an animal from a shelter is a lot cheaper than buying an animal from a breeder or a pet shop.  Lort Smith is also a lot cheaper than many other adoption centres - in fact the fee we charge does not cover the cost of running our shelter which is one of the reasons why we actively fundraise.

Feel great

The joy you will get from giving an animal a second chance is overwhelming and lasts a lifetime!

NO to puppy factories

There are still so many puppy factories breeding animals under seriously poor conditions.  These animals are usually sold at pet shops.  You can help put a stop to this gruesome trade by adopting an animal from a shelter.  We get a lot of puppies at Lort Smith - pure breeds, mixed breeds, large and small. 

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